Introducing Appygram

Appygram handles messages from web and mobile apps. Use it where you would otherwise put a custom coded feedback or support form, embed a dedicated widget for a particular support service, or provide a simple email link.

Appygram provides a much more flexible and capable alternative. It'ssuper easy to implement, works within your user experience, and is bothreliable and economical.

Flexible feedback

  • Appygram routes messages ("appygrams") to the right responders -- such as developers, support staff, or marketing. Appygram connects with the different systems used by different teams, such as GitHub, ZenDesk, and email.
  • Each appygram can pass along helpful information about the user's identity and what they were doing, so responders don't have to waste time collecting that context from the user after the fact.
  • Appygram has a shareable management system, which is great when support responsibilities for an app are distributed across several collaborating companies.
  • Mobile apps suffer from a lag between updates and uptake by users. Appygram routing logic can be changed on the fly in the cloud without requiring an app update. Support team changed tools? New development contractor on board? No problem - just log into the web interface and make the change.

Easy to implement

  • Appygram's message submission API is super simple, and can be implemented in any programming language using only a few lines of code. Use standard HTML form submission style or the AJAX-friendly JSON submission style, it's up to you.
  • There are alsoready-to-use modules for popular languages and platforms.

Safe and scalable

  • All Appygram Web and API features support SSL, so you can always transmit your data safely.
  • Appygram's API listener service is powered by Google App Engine for high scalability and uptime; your messages are engineered to always get through.

Astonishingly affordable

  • With several affordable pricing plans (starting at free!), we don't want price to be any obstacle to trying Appygram in your app.

Join our other satisfied customers (and their satisfied customers) andtry it out today!

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