App store monitoring: sign up for the beta now!

Alison Heittman — July 1, 2013

Texting in the Rain, via Flickr/garryknight

Mo users, mo feedback. If you're a lucky app developer, all of your users are already using the feedback form in your iOS and Android apps to tell you that you built the most amazing app ever, they have a question, they want a new feature, or something went wrong. And you, being the responsible and responsive mobile app developer that you are, are using that feedback to both communicate with your users (turning them into raving fans) and to improve your apps with regular releases. 

But your app's feedback form is not the only place your users are gathering to talk to you (and about you). Because Appygram is all about enabling you to listen to your users, we're getting ready to roll out a new feature - monitoring reviews in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. During the beta, anyone with an Appygram plan (including Freegans) will have access to app store review monitoring. 

We're accepting sign ups for the Appygram App Store Revew Monitoring Beta now. Sign up for the beta here!

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